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5.12.2022 : 6:37 : +0100

Resuming Operations after the Pandemic

statement of the President, 23. March 2022

Travel restrictions and company-internal regulations have prevented us from physical meetings during the last two years. We had to resort to virtual meetings such as Live Events Online from to maintain in contact. However, we succeeded in meeting person-to-person in January for the re-formation of MEDMA.

A big success is the fact that MEDMA is now a Dubai Association under Dubai Chamber (License No. 324387), and that we have a desk at beautiful The Offices One, DWTC.

Now, finally, those hindrances seem to loosen up. MEDMA (and SEADMA) can finally enter into scheduling expert meetings again. Of course we will have to observe local regulations and practice social distancing as well as decide upon our own rules for physical meetings.

As for our annual, international conference, I foresee a trend to less international travel, but MEDMA will still stage its next Annual Conference in Fall 2022 or early in 2023. In the region, MEDMA will focus on individual expert meetings like the one in Cairo, Egypt, in October last year.

Ferdinand Leopolder

The Middle East Drymix Mortar Association MEDMA, a short introduction

MEDMA is the international not-for-profit professional/industrial association uniting all technology and sustainability driven producers of drymix mortars with the industry supplying raw materials, equipment and automation to produce theses green materials in the Middle East.

The main applications for drymix mortars are finishing materials for floors and walls (exterior and interior), this comprises the applications of flooring screeds, scratch coats, basic & decorative renders, gypsum plasters, putties, tile adhesives, grouts, self-leveling underlayments, thermal insulation systems (EIFS; ETICS), concrete waterproofing, protection, repair and renovation, waterproofing slurries and powder paints.

MEDMA and its members connect with legislators and decisionmakers throughout the region in order to push for standardisation of drymix mortars with consideration of the regional building traditions & climates.

MEDMA members are permanently adapting new developments from the international community to the requirements in the region and providing a know-how transfer and exchange for construction professionals such as developers, architects, engineers, foremen and the scientific community.

MEDMA members are committed to promote state-of-the-art drymix mortar technology for  eco-friendly, better, faster, longer-lasting and quality minded construction. Modern drymix mortars are sustainable, low VOC, locally produced materials that minimize construction time, energy consumption, failures and maintenance time and cost.

MEDMA and its members make substantial contributions to building better homes and cities that are improving the quality of life and also creating sustainable value for all stakeholders, from construction to final owner. This is being accomplished trough the focus on innovative, quality and ecological products for the architectural finishing and maintenance of buildings throughout the Middle East.

MEDMA members are committed to push for environmentally friendly products, efficient manufacturing processes and effectiveness in product applications, by which using energy and resources sustainably, minimizing waste and water consumption and developing and supplying products with user safety in mind. MEDMA members have vouched for the strictest proper conduct by establishing binding rules of corporate governance.

MEDMA was founded in 2006, it has been registered as a German Association in 2007. Its region comprises (in alphabetical order) Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.