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Membership Rules & Conditions

Each manufacturer of drymix mortars in the region can join MEDMA as a member.
Suppliers to the drymix industry can join as Partner. 

All membership applications are subject to approval by the Board of MEDMA.
The annual membership fee is 2.000 Euro for 2007. Fees are due in advance, they are being reviewed annually.

Members are entitled to be listed on the MEDMA website and in it's directories.
Employees of members can be appointed to join the workgroups.

How to become a Member of MEDMA

1. send us a short summary of your activity for drymix mortars in the Middle East containing: type of activity, type of products sold, company focus, expectations from MEDMA

2. fill in the Membership Application scan it and send it to us by e-mail. 

You will receive an invoice. The MEDMA Executive Committee will review the application in due time and inform you about it's acceptance. Later this year, you will recieve the membership certificate and the code of ethics for signature and re-submitting to MEDMA. 

Reasons for becoming a member (arguments in short) 

Summary of MEDMA 

Presentation of MEDMA Activities 

تقديــــــــم:ميدمــــا (Arabic Summary)

Membership Fees


2.000 Euro per year


2.000 Euro per year


2.000 Euro per year

Individuals, Others

   500 Euro per year

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