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MEDMA Workgroup for Facade Insulation Specification for New and Existing Buildings in the GCC Nations

The Middle East Drymix Mortar Association (MEDMA) has formed a technical workgroup for Facade Insulation Specification for New and Existing Buildings in the GCC Nations in August 2013. The core team, consisting of representatives of MEDMA members and partners BASF, Caparol, Dow, Henkel and Wacker is being headed by Mohammed Sanaobar, Technical Chairman of MEDMA. The Workgroup's intention is to to assist in advancing the specifications for EIF (ETIC) Systems and driving higher  quality standards in the GCC Nations with particular focus on the UAE and Dubai.

First Topic: Fire Safety

As an industry association with vested interest in ETICS/EIFS advancement, the technical workgroup has conducted an analytical read to the specifications described in “UAE Fire, Life and Safety Code of Practice – Annexure A.1.21” issued by Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) and is presenting to you the following suggestions to further advance the specifications.

Kick-Off Meeting with DM and DCD in September

A kick-off meeting was already held in September 2013 with experts from Dubai Municipality (DM) and DCD, where the basic outlines of the necessary changes to existing regulations were discussed. To this meeting, MEDMA invited also several non-members, in order to achieve a common accord and a unanimous voice. The MEDMA Workgroup then drafted an official recommendation, which is being finished and submitted to the authorities within October 2013. The documents clarifies testing requirements (ETAG, EIMA) for EIFS concerning fire hazards and can be obtained (once submitted) by MEDMA members immediately.

The MEDMA Seal of Quality Workgroup

In order to improve the overall mortar quality in the UAE and beyond, MEDMA founded a workgroup to determine the requirements for an own Seal of Quality in December of 2009 already. Ms. Mais Haddadin of Terraco concentrated on the formulation of the accompanying documents the concept was agreed upon by the MEDMA Executive Committee in late 2010.

DMC-Mix of Saudi Arabia applied for the Seal of Quality in 2012 and was awarded Seals for close to 20 products in 2013, thus making them the first company to use the seal to certify product quality.

The Workgroups of MEDMA

Please note: MEDMA Technical Committee Constitutional Meeting
13. June 2006; 09:00 - 16:00, Dubai, Wacker-Offices in Jebel Ali
Wacker Chemicals Middle East, Building: RA 08 ZC05, Jebel Ali Free Zone
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tel +971 4 88320-25

This meeting is open to all interested MEDMA members and other drymix mortar experts; advance confirmation of attendance required by 31. May 2006 to

A common mistake to be addressed: Sea Sand used in Drymix Mortars!


The work groups of MEDMA are being structured by the Board of MEDMA and are installed and supported by the Executive Secretary. They focus on specific topics and/or product groups and prepare procedures and proposals concerning this topic. The experts are invited by MEDMA to join a particular Work Group.

The Founding Board of Directors of MEDMA decided during the Kick-Off Meeting in Dubai on 31. Jan 2006 to structure the workgroups as follows:



other binders

Tile Adhesives & Grouts


Exterior Renders


Interior Plasters



Flooring Compounds



Insulation Systems EIFS


Other Applications

The workgroups will be started according to a priority plan set up by the Founding Board of Directors of MEDMA. Please do not hesitate to give us your input and signal your interest.

Status: 19.May 2006, FL